Snowboarding Lingo

If you’re going to be a snowboarder, you have to talk like one! Here’s a crash course in some common rider lingo:

  • Shreddin’ The Gnar – this means riding the terrain. Basically it’s a really cool way to say, “We’re going snowboarding.”
  • Shreddin’/Ridin’/Cruisin’ – all these words are interchangeable with one another. They all mean one thing — going down the hill.
  • Pow – this is short for powder. It’s sometimes used instead of “gnar” when it’s snowed a lot and you are going riding. For example, “We’re goin’ to shred the fresh pow.”
  • Kicker/Booter – these are different names for jumps.

  • Hittin’ – this is a term used for going off jumps, rails, boxes, or anything you do a trick off of.

  • Stomp – this term is used when you land a trick. For example you would say, “He just stomped that landing.”

  • Bail – this term is used when you don’t land a trick. For example you would say, “She bailed on that rail.”

  • Toe/Heel Drag – this is a technical term used for when the toes or heels of your boot hang over the toe or heel edges. This messes with your carving.

  • Cut – this term refers to a hard turn on either your toe or heel edge.

  • Carving – this is another word for turning, which is linking together toe and heel turns.

  • First Tracks – this refers to being the first rider out on the mountain and being able to leave your mark in the snow before anyone else.

  • Tearin’ It Up – refers to riding really well and confidently.
  • Chatter – when the board shakes because of the rough terrain. Usually occurs when riding on an edge.

Names for different falls:

  • Yard Sale – is a fall where someone’s equipment falls off. This equipment includes hat, goggles, gloves, skis, poles, or anything else. The equipment is scattered up the hill and whoever fell has to walk back up to gather it.

  • Wipe Out – is another name for falling.

  • Taco – this is a kind of fall where your body folds over a rail or box creating a taco shape.

Names for different tricks:

  • 50/50 – this is a trick where you are riding across a box or a rail and you pivot your back foot to make your board perpendicular to the box then you swing it back so your nose is in front again before you land.
  • 180◦ – this is a trick that you can either do on the ground or going off a jump. You start going with your nose in front then you twist your shoulders and allow the rest of your body to follow. You end up with your tail traveling in front and your nose behind you, so you are riding “switch”.
  • 360◦ – this is just like the 180◦ trick above except you complete a full circle so when you ride away your nose is in front and your tail is behind you. Spin tricks are measured in 180◦, so a full spin and a half would be a 540◦ and so on.

When riders are talking about spins to other riders the first number is always said. For example if someone was talking about hitting a 360spin then they would say, “I’m goin’ bust a 3.”

  • Grab – this trick is done off a jump. You hit the jump and as you’re in the air you grab either the toe or heel edge with one hand. Make sure to let go before you land!
  • Jib/Stall – this trick is one you do off a rail, barrel, wall, tree, or anything on the spine of a jump. The spine of a jump is the edge where the vertical side meets the horizontal side. You ride up to the jump, go up it and stick part of your board (whether it is the nose, tail, or bottom) on whatever is on the spine. You are paused there for a split second, enough time for a photo opp., and then you ride away. The trick to this is good balance and rotation of the body.
  • Grind – this trick is done off of rails or boxes. You ride up to the rail or box and go across it. You can just ride across it; do a 50/50, or a spin.
  • Switch – this is riding the opposite way you normally do. So regular footed riders would be riding goofy and vice versa for goofy footed riders.

Snowboarding Adjectives:

Just a warning, a snowboarder sounds like a California surfer from the 1980s, have fun!

  • Sick/Knarley/Rad – means good or awesome, but could also refer to a bad fall.

  • Crunchy – means cool. For example you could say, “That’s one crunchy kid.”

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