Hitting a Rail, Box, or Jump on a Snowboard


Hitting a rail or a box are very similar tricks.  A box is just a thicker and more flat version of a rail, which is like a pole.  Boxes are easier to hit than rails.  Boxes and rails can range anywhere from being completely horizontal to slanting down to having kinks that make it slant both upwards and downwards.  The horizontal ones are the easiest, and then the downward slanting ones, and finally the rails and boxes with kinks in them are the most difficult ones to land.



To hit a box or a rail you ride up to it, keeping your speed on the slower side, and you have to keep your board flat and weight in the middle when you approach it.  If you approach the box or rail on an edge or if you’re sitting backseat or frontseat (leaning back or leaning forward) then most likely you will fall.  On some boxes and rails there is a little bit of a gap between the rail or box and the small ramp of snow that gets you up onto it so the rider must do a little bunny hop to get on to it.  This isn’t too hard to do because the rider has enough momentum going that the bunny hop is almost non-existent.


When riding across the box or rail just remember to keep your knees bent and weight over the middle of the board.  When you can ride straight across the box or rail you can start trying 50/50s or spins.  The thing to remember when advancing your tricks on the box or rail is to keep your balance, weight over the middle of the board, flat board, and knees bent.



When landing off of a rail or box the rider ends up dropping back onto the slope.  There is no exit ramp when getting off so the trick to landing is to keep the board flat, weight over the middle, and knees bent (super critical!).



Hitting a jump has the same principles behind it as hitting a rail or a box does.  The rider rides up to the jump, but more speed is needed than when hitting a rail or box, with bent knees and a flat board.  When they come to the lip, which is the crest of the jump, they bend their knees and does a small bunny hop.  While in the air there are plenty of tricks to do, anything from spins to grabs to flips.  When landing a jump same rules apply as when a rider lands a rail or a box: flat board, weight over the middle, and bent knees.



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