Urban Riding


When I worked at Timber Ridge, the fun didn’t just stop once the ski desk closed.  I would hang out with my coworkers and do what they call “urban riding”.  Urban riding is snowboarding on the street using handrails, trees, or anything else you can find laying around to do a trick off of.  These sessions would usually take place late at night on the weekend.  Since we all live on a college campus there were plenty of places for us to go urban riding.


There was one time in particular where we went urban riding at my friend’s parents’ house.  It was the night after a huge snowstorm so the snow was nice a powdery.  We made this huge jump using my friend’s dad’s snowplow.  Then we hooked up a towrope to the back of a snowmobile which the rider would hang on to and basically get whipped over to the jump.  The jump was pure powder so the many times we didn’t land our tricks we would just face plant into the snow.




The knarliest trick that was landed that night was a back flip.  Some other sweet tricks were a rodeo, front flip, and a couple of grabs.  A rodeo is a trick done on skis where the rider flips upside down then twists before landing and ends up landing going backwards.



Urban riding is a lot like urban skating.  We got kicked out of a lot of places, but not before we were able to land some sick tricks!


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