The Trouble with Clickers

The rental snowboards at Timber Ridge have bindings that are called clickers.  On the bottom of the boot there is a hook that in under the toe then there is a mechanism on the heel that has a spot that the binding snaps into.  The bindings themselves have a loop that the toe hook fits under and a device that snaps into the heel mechanism with a little handle to release it.






The snow likes to get packed down onto the bottom of the boot and into the binding loop which makes it super difficult for the rider to strap in.

Some of the people I have in my lessons have a really difficult time strapping into their rental boards because of the snow and the confusing way that is required for the boot to fasten to the binding.  First the rider has to dig their toe into the binding to catch the toe hook on the binding loop.  This gets hard because of balance issues and sometimes the rider tries to dig too hard and they miss the loop completely.  Once the toe loop is caught, the rider then has to stomp down their heel while making sure to keep that hook in the loop.  They also have to stomp their heel down straight onto the device on the heel of the binding to make sure that the heel mechanism snaps into place.  This is really hard for most riders because they don’t stomp straight down with their heel, move their toe so the hook comes out of the loop, and/or stomp down hard enough to get it to snap in.

The way I deal with these bindings is first I let them try it on their own and if they continue to have problems I get down on my knees, scrape off the snow, and steer their toe into the hook.  I’ve gotten kicked in the face a couple of times, but it seems to get the job done so I continue to do it.


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