Sticky Snow = The Enemy


Since the season is winding down the weather has been a little wishy washy.  At Timber Ridge the weather has been less than premium lately.  We had a complete thaw about a week ago where almost all of the snow melted.  The snow base on the hill, which was at about 45 inches or so, melted down and got really soft.  Then we got hit with a storm which gave us about 6 inches of snow altogether and that just sat on top of the melting base insulating it.


Whenever that happens it makes the fresh snow really sticky which is the worst to teach lessons in.  The rental snowboards that most of the beginning snowboarders use for lessons are not waxed as regularly as they should be and get used very frequently so the wax that is on there gets worn off pretty quickly.


In these kinds of lessons the only thing I can do is take my snowboard off for most of the lesson and get down on the ground so I can push their snowboard along.  Because most of the people in my lessons have hardly or never snowboarded before they don’t want to go fast, but if they don’t have any kind of speed they can’t learn anything.


Sticky snow seems to come creeping in just as you are starting to get the hang of riding.  It always sneaks up when you least expect it…


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