Snow Storm Lessons

Teaching an introduction lesson in a blizzard is no picnic.  The wind is blowing the snow all around and it’s super hard to see the students.  When I have to teach lessons in this kind of weather I make sure to be the one facing the blowing snow so my students don’t have to squint their eyes to look at me.  I also always wear my goggles on my head just in case of a sneak snow attack.

The big challenge is fighting the wind.  The wind usually can get whipping pretty fast and it takes a toll on your balance.  I have had a couple of students get pushed over by the wind when they were trying their best to carve.  When that happens I just try to get them to laugh it off, get up, and try again.


There are certain bunny hills that I’ll take my lessons out on depending on the weather and the traffic on the slopes.  We have a total of two bunny hills: one immediately to the left of the lodge and the second is all the way over to the right, past three chairlifts.  I take my lessons usually over to the far bunny hill because it has the least amount of traffic on it, but when it is windy I stick to the one that is closer to the lodge.


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