First Time on Skis in 12 Years


As an instructor it is a really good thing to know how to snowboard and ski and be able to teach lessons for both.  I have been snowboarding since I was nine and haven’t been on a pair of skis since.  The ski director Joe told me that by the end of the season he wanted me on a pair of skis comfortable enough to teach an introduction lesson.  I skied for about six years before jumping onto a snowboard so I figured it would be fun to get back onto a pair of “sticks”.


It was definitely a lot different than I thought it would be.  For one there are two boards instead of one.  It was so weird to be able to slide my feet independently of one another.  I was also facing forward versus facing the side with my head turned forward.  The weirdest thing had to be the boots.  I haven’t had my feet in hard boots in forever and walking was one of the most difficult things I’ve done at Timber Ridge.



Joe took me on the bunny hill at first and modeled what an introduction lesson would be like.  We also shadowed one of the ski instructor’s lessons to get an idea of class management.  It was awkward my first couple of runs down the bunny hill but I got the hang of it pretty quickly and we headed for the chairlift.



Getting on and off the chairlift was pretty easy, except I didn’t have any poles to help push me along so I had to slide my feet and also do the “duck walk” where my feet are angled out and I step the skis forward.  I’m not going to lie it was nice to be able to get off the chairlift and already be ready to go down the hill, not having to take time to strap my back foot into the back binding.


We took a couple of runs down the hill and by that time I had to go check in with my supervisor.  Joe told me he was really surprised at how well I did on skis and that if he didn’t already know that I hadn’t been on a pair of skis in 12 years he wouldn’t have been able to tell.  I didn’t get to learning to ski in time to teach any lessons before the season ended, but there is always next season!


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