Slippin’ too far on the Toe Side Sideslip

Many of my lessons have had trouble with the toe edge sideslip.  This is important to learn how to do because it is a better way of stopping while on your toe side versus falling to your knees.  A toe side sideslip is where the snowboard is perpendicular to the hill and all pressure is on the toes.  Beginners seem to have trouble with this side in particular because they are facing uphill and can’t see what is going on behind them.

The common way that beginners ride the toe side sideslip is applying inconsistent pressure which makes the snowboard hop backward and causes their balance to shift forward and backward.  Also the stance gets warped because their balance is off.  The correct stance is bent knees, a straight back, and looking up the hill, but the posture changes to straight, locked knees, a bent back, and looking down at the snowboard.

I first tried to just ride next to my students demonstrating the sideslip and offering feedback as they were doing it.  That didn’t work out too well because it was hard for them to listen and think about what they were doing at the same time.  The method I use now is taking my snowboard completely off and walking in front of them with my hands out.  This allows them support in case they fall and I’m also closer to them so they can look at me and hear my feedback.  It seems to be working because after a couple of runs my students usually can do it without using my hands for support and their stance is correct.


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