My First Intermediate Lesson

I’m trained to teach introduction lessons for snowboarding and I got asked to teach two boys who were already carving pretty well. Their mom told me they wanted to learn tricks, but didn’t want me to go too crazy. She also said that she had to basically force them to take lessons and she did this because she didn’t want them to get hurt. I told her not to worry and I took her kids to the bunny hill. I evaluated what level they were at. They were both about equal with room for improvement on carving, so that’s where we began.

About 15 minutes into the lesson they were both carving pretty well, so we moved to switch riding. Switch riding is where you ride with your opposite foot in front, so the nose of the snowboard becomes the tail and vice versa with the tail. This trick took a little more time to learn because it feels super awkward to be riding opposite.

After the boys started to feel comfortable with switch riding, I taught them ground 360◦s or as I like to call them “circles”. For this trick, the rider has to switch from toe side to heel side quickly and they begin to go in circles while going down the hill. The boys had so much fun learning this because it was challenging to switch from edge to edge so quickly.

The circles took up basically the rest of the lesson time so we headed down to the bottom of the hill. There I taught them how to “tic-tac” which is switching your weight from the nose of the snowboard to the tail while walking forward. It’s a pretty challenging trick because if you go too far one way with your weight the snowboard slips out from under you and you fall.

Overall, this lesson went great. The boys had such a great time and told me they were really happy that they took a lesson. I saw them later on the slopes and they were pulling off circles and great carving. It was rad!


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