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First Snowboarding Lesson- Trouble on the Towrope

Posted in Uncategorized on 2009/01/07 by cfoster7

The girl I taught in my first lesson was about 8 years old and had been skiing for a couple years.  During the lesson the problem I encountered was on the towrope.  This girl was smaller and didn’t have much upper body strength which is not good for the towrope.  She was having a hard time grabbing the rope and kept getting either jerked over the nose of the board or falling over her heel edge.  She started to get upset and frustrated saying that she wanted to end the lesson.

The way I dealt with this problem was I rode right behind her telling her to keep her knees bent and my board basically pushed her’s up the hill.  When she started to get upset I decided to stray away from the manual and try to get her to have some fun.  I had her strap in both her feet and cruise down the hill while I went running after her without my board in case she got out of control.  She started smiling once she got going and told me that was all she wanted to do, just be able to go down the hill at least once before the lesson was over.